Right Gear for the Right Weather

Hi guys !

People love ride any time any time, how can it be possible?

Let say in the last 10 years there has been a great revolution in technical clothing, you can wear what do you need for ride on any kind of weather, windy, cold, a little chilly, warm, snow and wet.

I love snow for ski on it but not for ride, that was my thought! I hate when is really cold because I feel painful when my feet get freezing, well now that is not a problem anymore, Northwave is one of the best companies to have a high technology on technical cycling clothing, all different material, selective choice specific for all 4 seasons, no matter what Northwave made what you need for keep protect your body.

Try for get proof !

Now the weather is wet and sometime really cold especially early morning, I personal tested a few products last Sunday which was 40F on the morning and I was sweat ! I maybe wear for 25-30F! but I thought I was ok because I only wear a few things, I used try go out when is cold with a lot of clothing on me and still was cold !
Well that let me change my mind, now, finally, I can ride my FatBike on the snow which I was afraid because the cold, I can't wait the snow come in !

This what I tested last Sunday

Nov 8th 2018 Luca De Carolis

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